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Sanabil School System

Education is at the heart of all projects undertaken by HAF and will continue to be the cornerstone of our work in future.

Sanabil School is exemplary in it's own way. It was founded with the intention of serving the underprivileged children. It was initiated as a Free Tuition Academy but later by Grace of Allah it took form of a school. In 2019 it started operating as a proper school, where the staff was hired and admissions were undertaken. So Sanabil now is a registered school for children from Kindergarten up to Class 6th, located in city area of Peshawar. This school was founded by a senior and very dear member of HAF group, Madam Afsah Faisal, (Allah Grant her high ranks in Jannah) in 2005. Afsah named it Sanabil to reflect the beautiful verse of Quran signifying the reward for good deeds as a bunch of wheat or corn growing from just one seed. She believed in planting as many seeds of goodness and purity as her time on Earth permitted. She was able to arrange for free education for XX children in Sanabil and this system continues till date, supervised by the excellent team that Afsah trained during her life. HAF members supported the sponsorship of educating children for free and continue to do so, till date. HAF takes pride in sponsoring education and educational initiatives starting from government primary schools like the "One World Classroom" and the 'Sanabil School System".