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About Us

Introducing Our highly skilled team!


Dr. Afshan Hussain Khattak

AfshanKhattak is a Paediatrician by profession, further trained in Newborn Intensive Care. She is a student of Quran since 1997 and got her sanad as a teacher in 2012. She has been teaching Quran Since 2007. She runs a WhatsApp group since 2015 named as Haya-Al-AlFalah consisting members from Pakistan and abroad. Apart from Quran she has researched and taught miscellaneous topics in Islam. She has undertaken several educational as well as welfare projects. With her God gifted clarity of speech, she has proved an influential mentor for her students. She lives in UAE.

Sahar Saleem

Coordinator, Audio Content & External Web Links
Sahar Salim has done her Hons in Agricultural Sciences. She's a student of Quran since 2015 and is associated with Alhuda International since then. She loves reading. She runs a YouTube Channel by name of Rubab Portal. She lives in Peshawar.

Aila Laghari

Management Skills and Productive Team Member
Aila from Islamabad is a graduate in BDS from Islamic International Dental College. She is a mother of three children. She has been associated with Quran learning since long and aims to be a practicing Muslimah. She is a member of Mindmapping project. She has great management skills and is a productive team member.

Sana Hassan

Coordinator, Content & Blog Posts
Sana Hassan is a graduate in Business Administration (HR). She has been studying Quran since 2004 and has been associated with Alhuda International also. She's a blogger (article composing and Quran explanation). She lives in Peshawar.

Sana Allaudin

Coordinator, Kids Corner & Team Communication
Sana Allaudin is a Pre-School Teacher in an Islamic School. She has done bachelors in Textiles & Fashion Designing. She is currently doing M.Ed. She's a student of Quran from a very young age. She's actively engaged in Welfare tasks under Project Baqiyaat-us-Salihaat. She's a team member of The Amazing Child project. She lives in Islamabad.


Associated with Alhuda International Welfate Foundation
Mahjabeen from Multan is a graduate in M.Com from University of Central Punjab (UCP). She has been studying Quran and associated with Alhuda International Welfate Foundation. She is a member of Mindmapping project. She has great poetry skills and is God-gifted with a soothing voice for deliverance (Quran, religious rhymes).

Sana Shoaib

Coordinator, Welfare Activities & Institutional Collaborations
Sana Shoaib is an enthusiastic Quran learner. She started AlbaqiyatusSaalihat along with her friends as a way to connect to Allah swt through His creation. Professionally, she brings considerable experience of working in project/program management, planning, communications and development in private/public/developmental sectors. She is also working as a freelance writer/researcher. She plans to dedicate her time to Quran, deen, AlbaqiyatusSaalihat and HayyaAlalfalah, and become a Quran teacher, in sha Allah. "She was an anthusiastic", "She used to bring considerable", "She was also working", "End main InshaAllah k bad", "May Allah accept all her efforts and grant her jannat ul firdous", "May her soul rest in peace".